How many meals are included in your all-inclusive vacation packages in Egypt?

Our all-inclusive Egypt vacation packages Egypt include three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exceptions to this are the first day of the luxury Egypt tour, where you will get dinner, and the last day of your all-inclusive trip to Egypt, where you will have breakfast before starting your journey home.

During our all-inclusive Egypt tours, breakfast and dinner are provided in hotels in Cairo and are served as a buffet or set menu. Each package includes a stay at the best hotels in Egypt, all-inclusive, with 5-Star ratings, serving international cuisine with something for everyone. Lunch while visiting historical monuments will be served in local Egyptian restaurants famous for their delicious Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurants are also known for their unusual restaurant interior design, such as Felfela, or beautiful views, such as 9 Pyramids Lounge restaurant.

During the Nile cruise, all meals on your all-inclusive Egypt packages are served in the ship’s restaurant. Food includes both international and Egyptian dishes. You will be able to sample Egyptian ful medames or falafel for breakfast, and lentil soup and grilled kofta at lunch. Dinner can be finished with a delicious sweet kunafa with cream.

Drinks with meals, except for bottled water, are an extra charge.

While out and about visiting monuments, our clients will also receive bottled water. You will certainly eat well on your luxury 5-star all-inclusive holidays to Egypt.